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Bejeweled 3 New download gratuito. Ottieni la nuova versione di Bejeweled 3. Download Bejeweled 3, versione New ✓ Gratis ✓ Caricato ✓ Scarica ora. Bejeweled 3, download gratis. Bejeweled 3: Unire gemme non è mai stato così divertente. Scarica l'ultima versione di Bejeweled 3: Un colorato e divertente puzzle game. Disponibile da oggi, sulla piattaforma Origin, in download gratuito nell'ormai classica forma 'offre la ditta', il gioco puzzle e strategia anche per i.

Nome: bejeweled 3 gratis
Formato:Fichier D’archive
Sistemi operativi: MacOS. Android. iOS. Windows XP/7/10.
Licenza:Gratuito (* Per uso personale)
Dimensione del file: 65.62 MB

Recensione Softonic Il classico rompicapo a tutta velocità Bejeweled Blitz è una versione frenetica e veloce del classico puzzle game di corrispondenza di PopCap, che ti costringe a pensare velocemente a moltiplicare enormi moltiplicatori prima che finisca il tempo.

Molto popolare online, ora è arrivato con una grafica HD appariscente per il tuo PC Il concetto centrale di Bejeweled Blitz è che ogni gioco dura solo 60 secondi. Questo è tutto! Non ci sono altre modalità e nessun livello successivo per guidarti. Tutto quello che hai sono i punteggi più alti e la voglia di ripetere buoni round. In questa versione veloce, non devi aspettare dopo aver fatto una mossa.

Collega una linea di più di tre gioielli e riceverai un potenziamento che ti darà enormi moltiplicatori di punteggio.

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Necessario Sempre attivato Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I didn't mind Digger mode, but not one I'd play again.

Giochi di Abbinamento

Bad Parts: The one and only bad thing I would say about this game is Ice Storm mode; it was by far the most tedious and annoying mode of the game.

Played it once and won't go back again. Most definitely getting out the credit card for this one! I go gaga over Bejeweled 3 November 7, I have had Bejeweled 3 ever since it first came out and it's still my favorite bejeweled game, I have all the other bejeweleds too including blitz, twist and Bejewled 2. If you're looking for a story you won't find one here or on any of the bejeweled games. It's all about scoring and just plain fun.

Some of the games are locked until you fulfill certain conditions to unlock them Overall, B3 had the best game variety, best graphics, and best music. I sometimes spend hours playing this. It's good to see it released on Big Fish..

I really love the ice storm game, it drives me crazy : Loved it!!!!

Dinamico puzzle game per Android!

November 6, Im not a bejeweled fan, but i thought i would try it out for just a few minutes and ended up playing the whole hour trial, really got me hooked and a definate to buy. Love the mini games and it even has a poker game in the mix. Love it!!!!

Stop what you are playing and play this!

November 9, Well, it looks like PopCap redeemed themselves from that disastrous Game of Life with this one. Bejeweled is the Cadillac of match 3 games, and this model is the sharpest one yet.

It featured four kinds of play, Classic, Zen, Quest, and Lightning. The Quest mode is by far the most interesting one, in which you must race against speedy glaciers, a perpetually building wall of gems, and other things that could hinder your progress, depending on the puzzle you choose.

Classic is what we all know and love best, but the Stargate-style effect when swtiching puzzles just adds to the coolness.

I had not tried Zen mode, and Lightning features all kinds of tools and bonuses you can use right away to clear the board. This is the kind of game casual gamers can't seem to get enough of, and Bejeweled 3 is the kind of match 3 that keeps you up for all hours trying to beat it, not unlike The Heroes of Kalevala, but without the plotline and the irritating Louhi and her extremely annoying pet. This is pure fun for fun's sake, and you will not want to stop.

What a fun game. November 6, I was so glad to see this game come out. The original Bejeweled game was the first casual game I played on the computer.

Bejeweled 3 gratis su Origin

I loved it then and I think that they added more fun to this one. I really and truly get tired of dark, sad, lost a mom, dad, brother, uncle, aunt, sister, etc games that are full of dread and dark same ole same ole, run back and forth games.

I really like to play games like this to just kind of rest my brain and enjoy the fun and challenge of finishing the game on time or with lots of points. I really liked the other spinoff games and their challenges.

Giochi di Match 3

I especially enjoyed the Poker game. Was different and you really need to watch what you are doing to try and beat the computer at its own game.

I truly recommend this game to someone who wants just to play a game for the fun of it. Has 4 areas to play and the graphics are really good. Timed game is fast and fun. Questo sito utilizza cookies, anche di terze parti.

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